Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's next on my To-Do List?


Hm... What to do next~
Alhamdulillah~ So far, I've done 17 out of 57 of my To-Do List After SPM.
Currently, I'm working on number 2,4,8,9 and 11.

2. Learn how to cook
4. Join ISMA
8. Springclean the house
9. Lose weight
11. Finish watching Korean/Japanese Dramas

Anyway, on the progress of number 2, today, we made Ayam Masak Sos Merah for lunch.
And it was a success! Oh yeah!

For number 4, okay, I don't exactly how to do that. I'll ask my brother later.

For number 8, there is going to be another To-Do list branching below it.
Ya know whadda mean?

1. Clean every bedroom
2. Sweep the floor
3. Mop the floor
4. Clean the dishes
5. Do the laundry
6. Fold the clothes
7. Pull the weeds
8. Clean the pool
9. Clean the litterbox
10. Clean the bathrooms

For number 9, we decided to play pingpong every evening. It's a pretty good idea cause we played that yesterday and we sweat, like, a lot. And we watch the Biggest Loser show, like, almost everyday. Haha. Inspired, much~

For number 11, I don't think there will be an end to it. Haha. Seems like that To-Do list is never going to get ticked. Well, it's just a part of our hobby. Next Dramas to watch :

1. A Woman Who Still wants to marry
2. Playful Kiss
3. Will It Snow For Christmas
4. Mary Stayed Out All Night
5. Hotaru No Hikari
6. My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox
7. Absolute Boyfriend
8. Itazura Na Kiss
9. Down With Love
10. Easy Fortune Happy Life

Fingers. Please stop typing. It will never end!

Well, good luck doing the chores first, Mena. Haha.

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hang out


Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid.
Yup! To do activity number 6 and number 39 on my To-Do list!

Me, my twin, my big brother and my little brother arrived at Sunway Pyramid at about 12.30 pm. Then, we went our separate ways as me and my twin went to see our friends at McDonald's. All five of us had our lunch. Then we went to surau and pray. After that, we bought movie tickets to watch Rapunzel ; A Tangle Tale in 3D!

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel makes a gorgeous couple! ;D

The plot was interesting. I like the magic hair thingy. Hehe. But the ending was unsatisfying to me. I don't know. Maybe it's because there's no wedding, haha. Oops. Sorry for the spoiler.

Just before the movie started, we went ICE-SKATING!
Seriously, it is harder than it looks. When I tried to skate on the ice, it was so hard to stay balance and not fall. I had to hold the side wall almost every minute! Later, my leg began to feel painful. It just had to be my skating shoes. Seriously, susah gila nak balance~ But anyhow, it was a nice experience. InsyaAllah, I'll skate again and practice till I can really skate!

After that ice-skating and watching the movie, we went to the surau again and pray. After that, we walked for a while and suddenly something caught my eye!

It was Lee Min Ho!!! I'm not gonna lie to you, I seriously saw Lee Min Ho!

Sorry to disappoint you guys (and myself..T.T) but it was just a poster. Hahaha.
The poster of Lee Min Ho on the wall of a make-up shop called Etude House. It was obviously a brand from Korea.
It was so pinkish and cute!

At the Etude House, I bought an eyeliner for my cousin, Nana. She always wanted it. Besides that, I bought a BB Magic Cream! It's so expensive but I just gotta have it! I always saw Korean Celebrities use it and it made their skin looks so perfect. Oops. Sorry. *Teenage-Girl-mode off*
And you know what else! Just that 2 stuffs cost me RM 43.85!! Memang cekik darah! Please don't tell my mom about this, hahaha. Seriously, it was painful to watch my babies fly away. (T.T) But Lee Min Ho persuaded me to buy it. Haha. On the bright side, I've got a discount and a member card with HIS PICTURE ON IT!!! Kyaaaa~

Okay, it's not exactly this picture but I just had to put it here. Hehehe.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

After that, I bought kebabs for Mom and Dad and about 7 pm, we went home.
Ahh~~ it was fun and exciting~Alhamdulillah...

P/S : Maybe I should put Marry Lee Min Ho as one of my To-Do list, Hahaha~ What?

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Asal aku rasa cam tgh tulis karangan english je...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My To-Do List After SPM


Alhamdulillah, today which is 16th of December 2010, I have officially finished my SPM Examination~
It's quite unbelievable that it's already been 4 weeks after SPM starts, 2 years since PMR, 5 years since UPSR and PSRA, 17 years since I was born...

Time sure flies...

Anyway, on this post, I'm going to share my plans after SPM, hehe...

My To-Do List After SPM :

1. Get a driving license
2. Learn how to cook
3. Get a job
4. Join ISMA
5. Go to spa
6. Go shopping
7. Khatam Al-Quran
8. Springclean the house
9. Lose weight
10. Treat my family to dinner with my first paycheck
11. Finish watching Korean/Japanese Dramas
12. Go to Korea
13. Go to the beach and have a picnic
14. Hangout with friends
15. Go to Sunway Lagoon
16. Earn money
17. Try selling home-made food
18. Enter a contest
19. Go camping and jungle-trekking
20. Play Sims 3
21. Watch movies
22. Buy triplets watches
23. Donate to charity
24. Make my own scrap book of comics
25. My my own recipe book
26. Create my own collection of jackets
27. Learn how to play the piano and violin
28. Learn how to speak Korean Language fluently
29. Master my drawing skills
30. Learn about adobe photoscape
31. Finish watching anime dramas
32. Go to Everysing shop
33. Gardening
34. Pay the bill at least once
35. Go canoe-ing
36. Throw a slumber party
37. Learn how to skateboard
38. Go karokae-ing
39. Go ice-skating
40. Play paintball
41. Try catching a thief
42. Go to a gymnasium
43. Go to an interesting exhibit or gallery
44. Go to a fair
45. Upgrade my laptop
46. Have an encounter with a cute guy ;P
47. Go to a concert
48. Watch a musical
49. Go to a themepark
50. Have a photoshoot with Maksu
51. Qiam
52. Perform Hajj
53. Tell my brother to stop being a narcissist
54. Tell my brother to stop being a stalker
55. Tell my brother to lose his triple chin
56. Tell my sister that I love her. =)
57. Prank call a friend

And there's more to come, hehehe...

Let the my plans BEGIN!!! Aja-aja Fighting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

15 More Days Till U-Know-What


Ah~Just letting you know about You-Know-What which you probably already know...Haha!

Yes, Bingo! Less than 15 days, SPM is coming Yo!

Okay~I'm rapping now...Just a little 'excited'...


Well, that's about it, pray for me okay! 11A+ for SPM!

Aja-Aja Fighting!That will be mine...=)

Friday, September 24, 2010



Hey, guys... I have a good news and a bad news!

The good news is...
I am going to make my very own comic book! Yahoo!
Inspired by my brother and a friend of mine, Elyana..

But the bad news is...
I am not gonna start drawing the comics until SPM ends...

Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now to do any comics because I'm having my SPM this year and right now I'm having my SPM Trial...Speaking of comics, It kind of brings me back to the time I used to love drawing...Well, it's not that I don't love to draw anymore, it's just that it naturally stops...I used to draw comics since I was in 2nd grade...Too bad I threw away the comics I made...I think I've made 3 comic books but none of them were completed. LOL!
Well, I threw them away because it's too embarassing, actually...Duh! I was like 8 years old when I drew the comic! It was hideous! But I wished I have kept it....Oh well...Just so you know, one of the comic I used to draw was about puppies. I know. Weird, right? I admit, I'm pretty weird when I was a kid. I LOVED puppies. I used to have a lot of stuffed animals namely plushies. I forgot what brand it is but I think it's made in the UK. They even have NAMES! I remember there's Courage, a dobersman, Demure, a poodle, Sidekick, a beagle, Muckluck, a husky, Slick, a fox and more...Hahaha...So childish of me...

So anyway, back to comic book thingy,I hope I will get some support~
I will post my comics strip in this blog of mine, InsyaAllah...
Here's a little peek of my very own scrap book who is going to be my new best friend starting next year!

FYI, usually, cartoonist has this really cool pen name like Ben, Kaoru, Puppeteer, Ageha and so on...
Well, I've found a pen name for myself..Please brace yourself for it...
It's Mena Fenomena!!! Hahaha! I know! It's pretty lame but it's so rhythm-ish and it rhyme!
It sound kinda like Hannah Montana but hey! Is there a better name?

Look forward to my comic, guys! Aja-Aja Fighting!

Still Fantasizing

It's been great, it's been fun,
But feels as if something's still undone,
Still searching and exploring,
my heart is still wondering,
pondering and yondering,
a feeling of exhaustion,
never left my head,
never abandon my bed,
I want to learn,
I want to earn,
I want to yearn,
a gift of success...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Ironic Conversation

Part 1

Hey, Kaksu... How's your studies?

Me : Hm... Bolehlah~

Meia : Boleh je? Apa ni, dah prepare untuk SPM belum?

Me : Ala, rileks lah... Kaksu kan pelajar harapan SPM 2010...Huhuhu~

Meia : Jangan tinggal harapan je sudeyh....

Part 2

Di MRSM Alor Gajah, melawat Meia...

Me : Wah! Gempaknya results Kakyong!

Meia : Eh, takdelah... Biasa je...

Me : Cis, tak boleh jadi ni... Balik nanti Kaksu nak study gila-gila!

Di rumah, beberapa hari kemudian...


Me : Hello?

Meia : Assalamualaikum... Hey, Su... Buat apa?

Me : Waalaikumussalam...Huh? Err...tertidur...

Meia : Ye ke? Dah study belum?

Me : Err... Like I said... Tertidur...

Meia : Habis tu? Dah mula study belum?

Me : Err...

Meia : Jangan cakap tertidur lagi lak~

Me : ...

Meia : Hello?

Me : ...

Meia : Helloo?


Part 3


Me : Hello?

Meia : Hey, Su... How's your exam?

Me : Hey, yong! Guess what?

Meia : What?

Me : Kaksu dapat semua lulus! Woohooo!

Meia : That's great...

Me : Kakyong macam mana? How's your result?

Meia : Hah? Ala...Teruklah...

Me : Kenapa?

Meia : Dapat 7A je...

Me : ...


Moral Value : Aja-Aja Fighting!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Current Progress


Right now, it is the month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!
Alhamdulillah, as an SPM Candidate, I'm very lucky to experience the holy month just before SPM Trial and also the SPM itself....

As for my progress of "Goodbye Korea", at first I've done quite well ignoring my laptop but I seem to have targeting my mom's laptop, so I've pretty much failed my 'mission'... Fortunately, even though I've sometimes played my mom's laptop, the maximum is only 1 hour, so that's not bad right? Hehe~ As of now, I've managed to limit the distractions, so.... Yay, me!

So, anyway, speaking of SPM Trial, it is about 5 weeks away. Another 2 weeks away, we will have our school holidays. My twin sister who is right now having her SPM Trial is going to come home too. So? Of course, we will be planning to study and revise together! And most importantly, NO KOREA-ing! That's my plan, of course...

Speaking of study, I've done my schedule for home-studying and a self-tests. Next, I've experimented that I can't study at home. Why? Simple. Because there are so many distractions that I can't resist. So I've planned to stay at the school library right after school for the rest of my life -Just kidding - Just until SPM ends. Next, I've done a list of the topics that I needed to study. Of all the 3 science subjects, History and Addmath, I'm only 50.65% ready. And that's only 5 subjects, Mena! What about others? You have only 5 weeks left! You're doomed!

Okay, calm down... Just chill, Mena... You still can make it... Just relax and everything will be fine... Just remember the saying...

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything

Well,thank you for telling me that, my subconcious...

So, anyway, that's my progress as of now. Not that much, actually. Just my ramblings, haha!
May all of you be blessed with peace and happiness in this beloved month of Ramadhan.
I will pray for prosperity, success and peace of mind of you all of the world and the hereafter

Semoga Nur Amalina Bt A. Rahman Bin Safar mendapat straight A's di dalam Percubaan SPM serta SPM 2010! Amin!

Now, say it with me!

Aja-Aja what?

Aja-aja what?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Goodbye Fantasy, Hello Reality

Seems like only yesterday I entered my school...
Now it feels like I'm only a few feet away from SPM...
I have to wake up now...
I need to wake up now...

I've made a list of what I'm gonna do after SPM and currently there's 38 things I wanna do...
But ironically, I didn't even do a list of what I'm gonna do to get ready for SPM...Hehe...YET~
But I will, okay~

Well...I just wanna say a few goodbyes...

Goodbye Laptop...
Goodbye Super Junior...
Goodbye my beloved Donghae...
Goodbye SNSD...
Goodbye television
Goodbye Comic books...
Goodbye Korea...
Goodbye Fantasy, Hello Reality...

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tudung Labuh


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she said...

"Jangan fikir perempuan tudung labuh ni baik sangat, mena... Pakaian ni hanya luaran..."



I have to admit... The clothes you wear doesn't picture everything about who you are but you can't deny that it does show a little bit about yourself, am I right?

I know, myself, am wearing
'tudung labuh' and I can tell you that I am NOT perfect.
I commit sins too like everyone else in this world. I'm not nice all the time. Sometimes I can be a little hot-tempered. I play truants. Sometimes I don't do my homework. I play games until 2 a.m in the morning. I take pictures of myself with a
'gedik' smile (Just for fun)...
Wait a minute, was that a sin?

So anyway, what I am trying to say is;
in every good person, there will be bad and in every bad person, there will be good...

Honestly, to me, there is no such things as a
'good person' or a 'bad person'...There's only gonna be a 'person'...

Wow...Now I sound like that tortoise from
Kungfu Panda...

Moving on...

But that's what you called
'manusia' , iman kita bertambah dan berkurang...Unless, of course, you're a Saint or a Satan.

To the people who thinks that
'tudung' is just clothes and doesn't prove who you really are, you're not completely wrong but you're not right either.

'Bertudung' or more accurately, covering your 'aurat' and having good traits are two different practices. Thus, the rewards are different.

Jika anda menutup aurat tetapi anda tidak berakhlak baik, maka anda hanya akan mendapat bahagian pahala kerana menutup aurat, manakala anda akan mendapat dosa kerana tidak berakhlak baik.

Begitu juga sebaliknya.

Jika anda berakhlak baik tetapi anda tidak menutup aurat, maka anda hanya akan mendapat bahagian pahala kerana berakhlak baik, manakala anda akan mendapat dosa kerana tidak menutup aurat.

You see how that works?
But wouldn't it be better if you have both deeds though?

The terms "Don't judge a book by its cover" is always misunderstood by many...
It's true but not 100% true. I've once commented someone in my past but I really regret it now because back then, I realized that I had no right to do that because I didn't even know that someone...So another piece of advice, don't judge a book before you read them, after that, then you can judge it...

My point is, walaupun pakaian ini hanya luaran tetapi kita tidak boleh abaikan kerana menutup aurat adalah satu kewajipan bagi umat Islam..
Sebagai umat Islam, terutamanya para Muslimah, kita mestilah menutup aurat terlebih dahulu, kemudian barulah kita memperbaiki yang mana yang kurang...

Alhamdulillah, to me, saya sudah menjalankan kewajipan saya yang pertama iaitu menutup aurat, dan sekarang saya akan cuba menjalankan kewajipan saya yang seterusnya, InsyaAllah...

What about you?


P/S : Please excuse my MangLish Or EngLay...Whatever it is...Hehe...Credits to my Mom for her advice...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Please Everyone

I have this 'friend' who's been facing the same problem for many years now and you know what that is?
It is trying to please everyone!

This 'friend' of mine is the type of person who can never say no to a request... To put it simply, she will try her best to fulfill someone's request even though it's a burden to her...Well, what can I say? Is it because she's too kind? Is it because she's too nice? NOOOOO!!!! *Baka!!! Ehem... The answer is...
It's because she can't say the word "NO"!
And by can't, I mean really CAN'T... It's probably a habit of hers, everytime, people came up to her and ask for a favor, she simply did not hesitate and just say 'yes'... I know, pathetic right?

Well...I'm not saying that helping people is a bad idea..Of course, it's a good deed. But sometimes, you need to know that there are certain things that people need to take care by themselves... And you can't let people step all over you or take advantage of you just because you have the ability to do it...

Come on la, bro...Berbuat baik pun berpada-pada lah...

All of you probably have heard of this story, and let me tell you something about it, I've heard about it like a million times, and each time, I'll learn the same lesson over and over again...

Copied and pasted from the book:

The is an ancient parable about a man and his son who were traveling along a dusty road with their donkey, taking bags full of produce from their farm into the city.

First of all, the father led the donkey along while the boy rode on the animal’s back. But as they traveled along that way, they overheard the sarcastic remarks of strangers who said, “Look at that! the lazy boy rides while his poor father walks.”

This bothered them, so they decided to switch positions. The boy got down and the father got up on the donkey’s back. But this didn’t please anyone either. Now they said, “What a cruel man–making his son walk while he takes it easy.”

Well, what could they do? Perhaps they should both ride on the donkey’s back. And of course when they tried that, people said, “Look at that poor donkey! How could they expect that poor animal to carry both of them and the rest of the load he’s carrying too?”

In a last attempt to please people, the man and his son dismounted and both walked along in front of the beast. Did that help? Of course not.

Now they heard people laughing and saying, “Look at those stupid people. Here they have a perfectly healthy donkey! At least one of them should be riding, but instead they both walk.”

This is one of my favourite quotes from Bill Cosby..

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody

And there you have it, folks, the answer to the question...
No matter what you do and how hard you try, you just can't please everyone!
If not, you're only gonna end up hurting yourself...
That's all for now. Thank you.

Aja-Aja Fighting!

P/S : Did you know that in Turkey, there's a similar story and the name of the character is Hoca... And this is not the only story... There's hundreds of story of him that teaches so many values.. And I even have a whole book about it! Make sure to check it out!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making A Choice


Can I ask you a question?

Is making a choice in life difficult?

Well...It depends whether the options are easy or not, and besides that, you also need to see the consequences that can possibly occur are either bad or good... If it's good then you have nothing to worry about...

But what if the choice you will make is going to determine your future and your parents have high expectations for you?

Ehem... I'm talking about future careers here, okay~
Well...All of us here have ambitions right?

Here's a a question for you :

What do you want to be or do when you grow up?

a) A ........... , because it has always been my dream.
b) A ........... , because it has always been my parents' dream.

Hm...probably many of you will choose A because you think it's your way of life and nobody could try to even decide your life for you even if it's your parents...

But what if your parents oppose of what you wanted to be?

Would you still do it?

I've seen many Korean movies and a lot of them clearly do not look happy following somebody else's dream but they're also not that happy when they've reached their own dreams as some people are against it in the first place...

What I'm trying to say is, everytime you make a decision, you gotta think thoroughly first, if possible, list down the advantages and the disadvantages, and most of all, just follow your heart...

In my case, I have two ambitions, a 3D Animator (Cool, right~) or a Vet but my parents would love it if I take Medic...They say it's not very promising to be a 3D Animator, because, who does that here in Malaysia?And as a Vet, it's better to help human first, then animals...haha...So I thought to myself, eventhough I know I'm hesitating to take that course, I want to give it a try...For my parents, and of course for Allah swt...

Rather than doing what I love or enjoy to do, I chose the path ; making my beloved parents happy as they watch me succeeding...Besides that, I heard a doctor have an income about 2000 pounds in UK (That's about RM12,000!)Tu baru mula bekerja! Hohoho~Okay...Now I sound like I'm doing this for money....XD

I know the risk, maybe I will regret it in the future but you'll never know unless you try...

"Belum tentu perkara yang engkau suka adalah baik untuk kamu (padahal Allah tidak suka) dan belum tentu perkara yang engkau tak suka, adalah tidak baik untuk kamu (padahal Allah suka)"

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Friend Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

It's been a week and a half weeks already since school holidays started and so far, I really enjoyed it...Well, school is gonna start in a few more days and yet my reference books are still untouchable...

Nice job, me...

Well, at least I've finished some of my homework, hehe...

Last week has been a blast for me because I reunited with two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world...My twins, Meia and my cousin, Nana.. I can't deny that I've been really lonely since they went back 'home'... It seems like only yesterday we were laughing at each other's joke and went shopping together... I think that was the first time ever that we went shopping, just the three of us...

The three of us also went to watch the movies, twice actually, hehe...

The Shrek Forever After...

shrek forever after online Pictures, Images and Photos
And Prince Of Persia...
PoP movie poster Pictures, Images and Photos

Both are great movies, I totally recommend them!

Here are some pictures of us! Check it out!

Cey~comel la tu~

Two of us~

Cute kan diorang ni...
Haha! Muka blur! Saje je...

Then, at home, we talked alot, about friends, families, studies, future, ambitions...
All of us have such an awesome chemistry together that some times I feel that we are Triplets! Haha! I think it's because we grew up together that we knew each other so well!
Here's a poem I made, simple je...

Everytime I see you guys, I smiled from ear to ear...
Seeing your smiles, I can't help but to grin...
You know that I'll always be here...
To lend you a hand, if you know what I mean...

I really miss you guys and I pray that you guys do well in your exams..
Until next time, we'll see each other soon! Good luck, girls! Anyeong!
And my famous motto...
Aja-aja Fighting!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exam Schm-am


Hey, blogger, I'm just here for a quick update...XD
So anyway...

Ah....It's that time again...
Well, guess what? I did it again... A last minute study, huhuhu...

Only a few more days left and then I'm FREE!
Yeah! 2 weeks of holidays, baby!

And the next 2 months, Trial Exam is coming up....

Then the real deal which is SPM will be coming soon...


Well, the good news is that I got some extra 'tips' for the exam, hehe...
'Lucky me'...
Well, girl, enjoy your time because you won't be so lucky next time...
Trust me...(-.-)

For the bad news, I did , like, so many careless mistakes! Arghh!
Why is it always like that? You just realised you made a mistake seconds after!

But it's okay, everything happens for a reason, you can't always succeed, sometimes you need to fail once in awhile to be able to learn your mistakes...Hehe...
All you need to do is just think positive!

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Biggest Loser



It's been 2 weeks since I've started working out...
Okay, maybe just jogging but hey, It's still called exercising..
And the good news is.....*drumrolls*

I lost 2kg in just 2 weeks! Yahooo~

But when the weekend came, I gained 2kg back, haha!
Well, no worries, just like my mom always say...

"You can eat all you want as long as you get rid of more than what you eat"

Sorry, it's not even a saying....XD
Well, I always say ...
"Life is once, enjoy eating while it last"

So, anyway, my mom made a contest in our family and whoever becomes the biggest loser by the end of the months will win some fabulous prizes! Oh yeah!
I've already marked my calendar and I'm aiming to lose 10kg by the end of the year! Hehe!
Just you wait, guys, by the end of the year, you're gonna see a NEW me!

Before Picture

After Picture

Coming Soon...

P/S : Here's an extra tips for you guys...^^

Instead of... Do this...
An afternoon Coke Drink a glass of water. (calories saved: 97)
An Egg McMuffin Eat a small whole wheat bagel +1 Tbsp of peanut butter (calories saved: 185)
Using your break eat sweets Walk up and down a flight of stairs for 10 minutes (calories burned: 100)
Hitting the snooze button Get up 10 minutes early and go for a brisk walk (calories burned: 100)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Big News!



This is not really a big news but I don't know why...
I just found out about something....And it was really dumb of me for not knowing about it...
The so-called big news is I just realised that copying an essay from the internet and send the work to your teacher (or claim it as your work) is illegal and irresponsible...hahaha~

Okay, all this time when there's an essay I need to do, I would check the internet to look for the best answers...(only sometimes, okay...when the topic is hard)...
Wait, It's not because I was lazy to do it or wanted my essay to be the best...
Y'all probably know that English is my favorite subject...
I was only trying to find new stuffs about how some people write about it, you know...
'Mencari ilmu' is how you would say it....
Because my writing skills are still on the same level as amateur...
Mena, you still have a long way to go~

By the way, here's a news flash for you Mena, eventhough you took only one paragraph or even a sentence from other people's work, it will be still called plagiarism...

Man! I can't believe I just found out about this now! I feel so guilty writing my essay that way...
Huh... Next time, when there's an essay, I will not check the internet and plagiarise people's essay, instead, I will do it all by myself and be ORIGINAL!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Future Plans

Just now, I daydream about my future plans...
Yes, I know, actions speaks louder than dreams, haha....

So, anyway, I've finally decided what I'm gonna do...
I decided to FULLY stop touching this laptop of mine....
As in, I'm gonna put it away until SPM...

Okay, I know, I probably said this million times but hey~At least I tried, right? Haha!

What's more news, I failed 2 of my papers, dare I not say what it is but at least I'm not alone, muahaha!

This evening, after my tuition, my mom bought me 8 books of Exercise Books!

It's not that I'm not grateful, but mom, I already have a few and I thought it was more than enough....
Apparently, not...Haha!

Well, okay, I'll say it, I failed Chemistry and I'm PROUD! Haha! NOT~

FYI, 5 out of 8 of the books is on Chemistry, haha~ Big yay~

So, I just want to thank my mom, I guess failing is not a small thing to her, hehe...
but for me, it's not a big thing coz 80% of my class did failed, I think...
Thank you ,mom....I'll work hard from now on! Aja-Aja Fighting!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Today's topic is Sincerity

I'm been living for the past 16 years and 4 months of my life and still, I think I'm still looking for the meaning of this word. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

According to the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that I've searched in the internet, Sincerity is the virtue of one who speaks truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, desires. While the Oxford English Dictionary and most scholars state that sincerity from sincere is derived from the Latin sincerus meaning clean and pure.

Okay...Enough formalities...Or should I say, trying to sound smart...XD

Back to the main topic, I wanted to know how can someone be sincere?

You may have learned about it when you schooled in a religious school. I know I have. It's not something that you need to learn at school, really, but you learn it throughout your life.

I used to have a couple of friends back in the days when you play hopscotch. Honestly, I don't have a very nice childhood or even memories for that matter. I thinks it's when I was a 2nd-grader (Darjah 2). Everyday, there's this two Wannabe Olsen Twins that always like to 'borrow' my money. It's about 20 cent almost everyday. There's one time, I said I'm out of money, they said I was lying. They even CHECKED my pocket just to make sure!

Then, there's one who always takes advantage of me because I never say no. If it's something unburdening, of course, i would like to help but sometimes it's something that they don't even wanna do it.

Then, there's one who stabs me in the back, okay it wasn't really that serious but hey, I have feelings too! Masa tu, masa mengaji, Kita dah sampai (tak ingatla, rasanya) juzud 20 and kawan kita seorang ni juzud 19, pastu dia minta la orang tunggu dia, after days later, orang tu dah agak jauh, kita pun minta la dia tunggu kita tapi tengok2 dia taknak , dia kata cepatlah, nape lambat sgt...

That's how the story goes...Camne? kejam tak? Hahaha...No? Well....Whateverla..The past is the past..XD

My mom always say, "Ikhlas ni macam berak & flush.."
I don't know if I should imagine that...XD
But I think I get it, imagine that 'berak' is the things that you do sincerely and flush is not saying about it...
When you flush, you can't actually dig it out just to show to someone right?
Same goes with being sincere...

So remember to always FLUSH after you've done your business, 'aight?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Monthly Test

Here It Comes...

Bahasa Melayu
English Language

I'll be having an international test that I got picked for so I will take the tuesday test on thursday instead (I still have no idea what the test is all about...)

Bahasa Arab
Modern Mathematics

Thursday (postponed)
Additional Mathematics
Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah
Pendidikan Al-Quran & As-Sunnah

Wish me luck!
Wait! No, Good luck!
Hold on, I know! Best of luck!
Doakan Nur Amalina A. Rahman mendapat semua A+! Amin...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anda Fikir Anda Matang?


Anda dapat bertenang dan bersabar seandainya hajat anda tidak tercapai.

Anda mampu menyembunyikan perasaan anda yang luka dan tersinggung oleh seseorang dalam kumpulan dan berlaku seperti biasa.

Anda tidak merasa iri hati bila melihat orang lain dipuji dan disanjung.

Anda dapat menghadapi kebencian orang yang anda benar-benar merasa tidak serasi dengan mereka.

Anda mampu menguasai nafsu gelojoh walaupun anda ingin mendapat perkara yang anda fikir boleh dapat.

Anda dapat menahan rasa sakit hati dan malu seandainya anda tidak dapat hidup setaraf dengan rakan anda yang lain.

Anda terus berlaku adil dan saksama walaupun suasana sekeliling menghalang maksud anda.

Anda dapat menerima kritik atau salah faham orang tanpa memperbesar-besarkannya.

Anda memandang jauh ke depan, umpamanya dengan sabar menanggung kesusahan demi kepentingan masa depan, tanpa merasa resah, bimbang dan ragu.

Anda memberi persetujuan kepada pendapat- pendapat yang anda tidak setujui dalam perdebatan tanpa merasa sakit hati atau tidak senang.

Anda berbahagia bersendirian dengan mempunyai satu kegemaran atau hobi yang benar-benar anda minati.

Anda mengaku dengan jujur tidak tahu bila anda betul-betul tidak tahu, tanpa merasa malu.

Anda menghadapi orang-orang tua atau orang- orang yang lebih berpengaruh tanpa sentiasa berusaha untuk menimbulkan kesan-kesan negatif.

Anda akan cuba melakukan sesuatu dengan sederhana bukannya berlebih-lebihan untuk menunjukkan bahawa anda dapat melakukannya dengan lebih sempurna.

Anda dapat mendahulukan kepentingan orang lain walaupun anda tidak merasa senang kerananya.

Anda boleh berlaku wajar dan saksama terhadap orang-orang yang tidak anda sukai.

Anda dapat mewujudkan rasa kasih-sayang, cinta atau boleh bersahabat tanpa mendapat tempat yang utama dalam hidup mereka.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spazz Time

I'm in LOVE with the new korean drama!

Taming Of The Heir! a.k.a. Invisible Lee PyungGang!


Seriously~I suggest to all korean drama lovers to watch this drama because I guaranteed it is as good as Full House or even My Girl~
It's so funny, cause I was like laughing every 10 second watching this~

Ji Hyun Woo (as Wu OnDal)
I really like him...He somehow reminds me of Rain in Full House a LOT~


He may not be the best-looking guy but I LOVE that goofy smile of his <3


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Pada suatu hari Rasulullah s.a.w bertanya kepada para sahabat...

" Siapakah di antara kamu yang menghidupkan malamnya? "

Salman al-Farisi menjawab,

" Saya, ya Rasulullah. "

Rasulullah bertanya lagi,

" Siapa yang berpuasa penuh pada setiap bulan ? "

Salman al-Farisi menjawab,

" Saya ya, Rasulullah. "

Rasulullah kemudian bertanya,

" Siapa yang khatam al-Quran pada setiap hari ? "

Salman al-Farisi menjawab lagi,

" Saya, ya Rasulullah. "

Sahabat-sahabat yang lain berasa hairan akan jawapan Salman al-Farisi. Mereka berkata bahawa mereka tidak pernah nampak Salman al-Farisi membuat semua itu. Rasulullah s.a.w kemudiannya menyuruh Salman al-Farisi memberi penjelasan akan jawapannya itu. Salman al-Farisi menjawab,

" Aku pernah mendengar kekasihku, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, sesiapa yang tidur dalam keadaan berwudhu', seolah-olah dia telah ihya' (menghidupkan) malamnya. Baginda juga pernah bersabda setiap amal kebajikan akan dibalas dengan 10 kebaikan. Aku puasa 3 hari pada setiap bulan sama dengan aku berpuasa 30 hari (sebulan). "

Rasulullah s.a.w mengiakan kata-kata Salman al-Farisi.

" Aku juga pernah mendengar Baginda bersabda sesiapa yang membaca "Qulhuwallahu Ahad" (surah al-Ikhlas) seolah-olah dia membaca 1/3 al-Quran. Aku membacanya 3 kali setiap hari. Ini seolah-olah aku telah khatamkan al-Quran. "

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Form 5.






This is just the beginning.

Doa saat berangkat dari rumah
Bismillahi, tawakkaltu alalla, walaa haula walaa quwwata illa billaah. Allahumma innii a'uudzu bika an adhilla au uddhalla, au azilla au uzalla, au azhlima au uzhlama, au ajhalaau yujhala'alaiya.

Dengan nama Allah, saya bertawakal kepada Allah,dan tiada daya maupun tenaga kecuali dengan izin Allah,aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sesat atau disesatkan, dari tergelincir atau digelincir, menganiaya atau dianiaya, dan juga dari kebodohan atau dibodohi orang.

Doa saat duduk dikendaraan
Bismillah alhamdulillah,subhaanal ladzii sakhkhara lanaa haadzaa wamaa kunnaa lahuu muqriniin, wainnaa ilaa rabbinaa lamunqalibuun.alhamdulillah 3x,Allahu akbar 3x

Dengan nama Allah, segala puji bagi Allah. maha suci Allah yang mengerahkan kendaraan ini tunduk kepada kami,sedang kami pasti akan kembali lepada tuhan kami itu. segala puji bagi Allah,Allah Maha Besar.

Let's hope tomorrow is better than today...So, are you ready?