Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's next on my To-Do List?


Hm... What to do next~
Alhamdulillah~ So far, I've done 17 out of 57 of my To-Do List After SPM.
Currently, I'm working on number 2,4,8,9 and 11.

2. Learn how to cook
4. Join ISMA
8. Springclean the house
9. Lose weight
11. Finish watching Korean/Japanese Dramas

Anyway, on the progress of number 2, today, we made Ayam Masak Sos Merah for lunch.
And it was a success! Oh yeah!

For number 4, okay, I don't exactly how to do that. I'll ask my brother later.

For number 8, there is going to be another To-Do list branching below it.
Ya know whadda mean?

1. Clean every bedroom
2. Sweep the floor
3. Mop the floor
4. Clean the dishes
5. Do the laundry
6. Fold the clothes
7. Pull the weeds
8. Clean the pool
9. Clean the litterbox
10. Clean the bathrooms

For number 9, we decided to play pingpong every evening. It's a pretty good idea cause we played that yesterday and we sweat, like, a lot. And we watch the Biggest Loser show, like, almost everyday. Haha. Inspired, much~

For number 11, I don't think there will be an end to it. Haha. Seems like that To-Do list is never going to get ticked. Well, it's just a part of our hobby. Next Dramas to watch :

1. A Woman Who Still wants to marry
2. Playful Kiss
3. Will It Snow For Christmas
4. Mary Stayed Out All Night
5. Hotaru No Hikari
6. My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox
7. Absolute Boyfriend
8. Itazura Na Kiss
9. Down With Love
10. Easy Fortune Happy Life

Fingers. Please stop typing. It will never end!

Well, good luck doing the chores first, Mena. Haha.

Aja-Aja Fighting!

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