Thursday, December 16, 2010

My To-Do List After SPM


Alhamdulillah, today which is 16th of December 2010, I have officially finished my SPM Examination~
It's quite unbelievable that it's already been 4 weeks after SPM starts, 2 years since PMR, 5 years since UPSR and PSRA, 17 years since I was born...

Time sure flies...

Anyway, on this post, I'm going to share my plans after SPM, hehe...

My To-Do List After SPM :

1. Get a driving license
2. Learn how to cook
3. Get a job
4. Join ISMA
5. Go to spa
6. Go shopping
7. Khatam Al-Quran
8. Springclean the house
9. Lose weight
10. Treat my family to dinner with my first paycheck
11. Finish watching Korean/Japanese Dramas
12. Go to Korea
13. Go to the beach and have a picnic
14. Hangout with friends
15. Go to Sunway Lagoon
16. Earn money
17. Try selling home-made food
18. Enter a contest
19. Go camping and jungle-trekking
20. Play Sims 3
21. Watch movies
22. Buy triplets watches
23. Donate to charity
24. Make my own scrap book of comics
25. My my own recipe book
26. Create my own collection of jackets
27. Learn how to play the piano and violin
28. Learn how to speak Korean Language fluently
29. Master my drawing skills
30. Learn about adobe photoscape
31. Finish watching anime dramas
32. Go to Everysing shop
33. Gardening
34. Pay the bill at least once
35. Go canoe-ing
36. Throw a slumber party
37. Learn how to skateboard
38. Go karokae-ing
39. Go ice-skating
40. Play paintball
41. Try catching a thief
42. Go to a gymnasium
43. Go to an interesting exhibit or gallery
44. Go to a fair
45. Upgrade my laptop
46. Have an encounter with a cute guy ;P
47. Go to a concert
48. Watch a musical
49. Go to a themepark
50. Have a photoshoot with Maksu
51. Qiam
52. Perform Hajj
53. Tell my brother to stop being a narcissist
54. Tell my brother to stop being a stalker
55. Tell my brother to lose his triple chin
56. Tell my sister that I love her. =)
57. Prank call a friend

And there's more to come, hehehe...

Let the my plans BEGIN!!! Aja-aja Fighting!


  1. this is good. a lot of goals.

    i love no 4.

    54 is not me right?
    55 of course not me yet.

  2. is 55 me?
    angah is so 54
    lets do 39! im so learning 39 this winterbreak
    19 is awesome
    and too many koreanishzm.haha
    oh and whats the diff between 15 and 49?!

  3. jikalau terasa, terasalah, hehehe...
    well, let's just wait and see~
    yeah, nnt angah nak ajak and BELANJA gi ice-skating,kan angah? huhu...

    15 and 49, well, not much difference, for 49, it doesn't have to be Sunway Lagoon, but if it is, it's like hitting two birds with one stone, hehe...

  4. apsal lak i'm so 54.

    guys, i really want you guys to think deeply and then able to differentiate between stalking and being a concern person.

    regarding that ice skating thing. we'll sort it out later. im trying to find time.

  5. bro, come on, it was a joke... obviously teasing my brothers were one of my to-do list, haha!

    btw, and being a concern person involving you, being interested in one of my friends? don't tell me u were viewing my pictures in fb becoz u were concerning about me? XP

  6. I was just playing around je la.adui.

    And yes u r correct.I viewed ur pics cos I'm concern about u.

  7. Definition of narcisist

    1. Excessive love or admiration of oneself. See synonyms at conceit.
    2. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.

    I do not fall under a narcisist sebab i don't like to look at the mirror because i am in love with myself in the mirror. Maybe you should try asking me first why i do that instead of you know just telling me that im a narcisist.
    Yeah i know you're teasing. But still-

  8. Huh... Ye la cik abang... mintak maaf~ T.T