Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Current Progress


Right now, it is the month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!
Alhamdulillah, as an SPM Candidate, I'm very lucky to experience the holy month just before SPM Trial and also the SPM itself....

As for my progress of "Goodbye Korea", at first I've done quite well ignoring my laptop but I seem to have targeting my mom's laptop, so I've pretty much failed my 'mission'... Fortunately, even though I've sometimes played my mom's laptop, the maximum is only 1 hour, so that's not bad right? Hehe~ As of now, I've managed to limit the distractions, so.... Yay, me!

So, anyway, speaking of SPM Trial, it is about 5 weeks away. Another 2 weeks away, we will have our school holidays. My twin sister who is right now having her SPM Trial is going to come home too. So? Of course, we will be planning to study and revise together! And most importantly, NO KOREA-ing! That's my plan, of course...

Speaking of study, I've done my schedule for home-studying and a self-tests. Next, I've experimented that I can't study at home. Why? Simple. Because there are so many distractions that I can't resist. So I've planned to stay at the school library right after school for the rest of my life -Just kidding - Just until SPM ends. Next, I've done a list of the topics that I needed to study. Of all the 3 science subjects, History and Addmath, I'm only 50.65% ready. And that's only 5 subjects, Mena! What about others? You have only 5 weeks left! You're doomed!

Okay, calm down... Just chill, Mena... You still can make it... Just relax and everything will be fine... Just remember the saying...

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything

Well,thank you for telling me that, my subconcious...

So, anyway, that's my progress as of now. Not that much, actually. Just my ramblings, haha!
May all of you be blessed with peace and happiness in this beloved month of Ramadhan.
I will pray for prosperity, success and peace of mind of you all of the world and the hereafter

Semoga Nur Amalina Bt A. Rahman Bin Safar mendapat straight A's di dalam Percubaan SPM serta SPM 2010! Amin!

Now, say it with me!

Aja-Aja what?

Aja-aja what?