Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love My Job!


Hey, guys! Welcome to Klinik Pergigian Alan Adlan!

It's already been a week since I officially started working...
To tell you the truth, I'd thought it would not be as much fun as I thought it would be BUT it turns out way better than I expected. Honestly, I wanna try working as a cashier or something like that coz it's easier. But then, my dad wouldn't allow me. So he asked me to work with my brother at his new clinic as a Clinic Assistant.

Apa yang susah? Well, mula-mula my bro bagi kerja senang dulu la, haha..

Well, my job is simple, first things first, I start by sweeping the clinic floor, mop it and then clean the washrooms. I know, it may sound like I work as a janitor but that's one of the part of being a clinic assistant...

The harder part is I need to know, memorize and recognize all of the dentistry tools and utensils that existed in the clinic. I need to know how to work the compressor and the autoclave machine. I also need to know how to greet the patients politely, friendly and professionally and how to answer their questions convincingly. I also need to memorize the prices of the dentistry treatments. And the hardest part is.... no KOREA! Waaaa~

But here comes the exciting part of the job,it's when a customer comes! Haha! Ok, technically, it's a patient... I know, it kinda sound "jakun" but it's really fun having your very first customer when you just started working. I wanted to work hard and leave them a good impression... Huhuhu...

So far, we've already had 10 patients on the 1st week! Well, including me, huahua! The record of having the most patient in one day so far is 4 patients! Ohmagod, this is so fun! It's like you're playing one of those games like Diner Dash! Ahak ahak!

Here's a little intro on Klinik Pergigian Alan Adlan!

It was named after my eldest brother aka the dentist.
The theme is orange because he said not many people use this colour...
and it looks cheerful!
It was officially opened on 1st of February 2011.
And currently we're working on our logo and motto.
I gotta figure out a good catch phrase...

Nur Amalina the Clinic Assistant/Receptionist/Janitor!

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Credit : Pictures taken by Maksu @ dilabangi