Monday, December 20, 2010

Hang out


Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid.
Yup! To do activity number 6 and number 39 on my To-Do list!

Me, my twin, my big brother and my little brother arrived at Sunway Pyramid at about 12.30 pm. Then, we went our separate ways as me and my twin went to see our friends at McDonald's. All five of us had our lunch. Then we went to surau and pray. After that, we bought movie tickets to watch Rapunzel ; A Tangle Tale in 3D!

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel makes a gorgeous couple! ;D

The plot was interesting. I like the magic hair thingy. Hehe. But the ending was unsatisfying to me. I don't know. Maybe it's because there's no wedding, haha. Oops. Sorry for the spoiler.

Just before the movie started, we went ICE-SKATING!
Seriously, it is harder than it looks. When I tried to skate on the ice, it was so hard to stay balance and not fall. I had to hold the side wall almost every minute! Later, my leg began to feel painful. It just had to be my skating shoes. Seriously, susah gila nak balance~ But anyhow, it was a nice experience. InsyaAllah, I'll skate again and practice till I can really skate!

After that ice-skating and watching the movie, we went to the surau again and pray. After that, we walked for a while and suddenly something caught my eye!

It was Lee Min Ho!!! I'm not gonna lie to you, I seriously saw Lee Min Ho!

Sorry to disappoint you guys (and myself..T.T) but it was just a poster. Hahaha.
The poster of Lee Min Ho on the wall of a make-up shop called Etude House. It was obviously a brand from Korea.
It was so pinkish and cute!

At the Etude House, I bought an eyeliner for my cousin, Nana. She always wanted it. Besides that, I bought a BB Magic Cream! It's so expensive but I just gotta have it! I always saw Korean Celebrities use it and it made their skin looks so perfect. Oops. Sorry. *Teenage-Girl-mode off*
And you know what else! Just that 2 stuffs cost me RM 43.85!! Memang cekik darah! Please don't tell my mom about this, hahaha. Seriously, it was painful to watch my babies fly away. (T.T) But Lee Min Ho persuaded me to buy it. Haha. On the bright side, I've got a discount and a member card with HIS PICTURE ON IT!!! Kyaaaa~

Okay, it's not exactly this picture but I just had to put it here. Hehehe.

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

After that, I bought kebabs for Mom and Dad and about 7 pm, we went home.
Ahh~~ it was fun and exciting~Alhamdulillah...

P/S : Maybe I should put Marry Lee Min Ho as one of my To-Do list, Hahaha~ What?

Aja-Aja Fighting!

Asal aku rasa cam tgh tulis karangan english je...

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