Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tudung Labuh


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she said...

"Jangan fikir perempuan tudung labuh ni baik sangat, mena... Pakaian ni hanya luaran..."



I have to admit... The clothes you wear doesn't picture everything about who you are but you can't deny that it does show a little bit about yourself, am I right?

I know, myself, am wearing
'tudung labuh' and I can tell you that I am NOT perfect.
I commit sins too like everyone else in this world. I'm not nice all the time. Sometimes I can be a little hot-tempered. I play truants. Sometimes I don't do my homework. I play games until 2 a.m in the morning. I take pictures of myself with a
'gedik' smile (Just for fun)...
Wait a minute, was that a sin?

So anyway, what I am trying to say is;
in every good person, there will be bad and in every bad person, there will be good...

Honestly, to me, there is no such things as a
'good person' or a 'bad person'...There's only gonna be a 'person'...

Wow...Now I sound like that tortoise from
Kungfu Panda...

Moving on...

But that's what you called
'manusia' , iman kita bertambah dan berkurang...Unless, of course, you're a Saint or a Satan.

To the people who thinks that
'tudung' is just clothes and doesn't prove who you really are, you're not completely wrong but you're not right either.

'Bertudung' or more accurately, covering your 'aurat' and having good traits are two different practices. Thus, the rewards are different.

Jika anda menutup aurat tetapi anda tidak berakhlak baik, maka anda hanya akan mendapat bahagian pahala kerana menutup aurat, manakala anda akan mendapat dosa kerana tidak berakhlak baik.

Begitu juga sebaliknya.

Jika anda berakhlak baik tetapi anda tidak menutup aurat, maka anda hanya akan mendapat bahagian pahala kerana berakhlak baik, manakala anda akan mendapat dosa kerana tidak menutup aurat.

You see how that works?
But wouldn't it be better if you have both deeds though?

The terms "Don't judge a book by its cover" is always misunderstood by many...
It's true but not 100% true. I've once commented someone in my past but I really regret it now because back then, I realized that I had no right to do that because I didn't even know that someone...So another piece of advice, don't judge a book before you read them, after that, then you can judge it...

My point is, walaupun pakaian ini hanya luaran tetapi kita tidak boleh abaikan kerana menutup aurat adalah satu kewajipan bagi umat Islam..
Sebagai umat Islam, terutamanya para Muslimah, kita mestilah menutup aurat terlebih dahulu, kemudian barulah kita memperbaiki yang mana yang kurang...

Alhamdulillah, to me, saya sudah menjalankan kewajipan saya yang pertama iaitu menutup aurat, dan sekarang saya akan cuba menjalankan kewajipan saya yang seterusnya, InsyaAllah...

What about you?


P/S : Please excuse my MangLish Or EngLay...Whatever it is...Hehe...Credits to my Mom for her advice...


  1. kaksu apsal post ni from my laptop mcm takleh baca. dia klua character2 pelik2. i had to copy paste kat word, tukar language baru lah boleh. anyway great post!

  2. really?
    hm...i'll try to edit it, thx!