Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making A Choice


Can I ask you a question?

Is making a choice in life difficult?

Well...It depends whether the options are easy or not, and besides that, you also need to see the consequences that can possibly occur are either bad or good... If it's good then you have nothing to worry about...

But what if the choice you will make is going to determine your future and your parents have high expectations for you?

Ehem... I'm talking about future careers here, okay~
Well...All of us here have ambitions right?

Here's a a question for you :

What do you want to be or do when you grow up?

a) A ........... , because it has always been my dream.
b) A ........... , because it has always been my parents' dream.

Hm...probably many of you will choose A because you think it's your way of life and nobody could try to even decide your life for you even if it's your parents...

But what if your parents oppose of what you wanted to be?

Would you still do it?

I've seen many Korean movies and a lot of them clearly do not look happy following somebody else's dream but they're also not that happy when they've reached their own dreams as some people are against it in the first place...

What I'm trying to say is, everytime you make a decision, you gotta think thoroughly first, if possible, list down the advantages and the disadvantages, and most of all, just follow your heart...

In my case, I have two ambitions, a 3D Animator (Cool, right~) or a Vet but my parents would love it if I take Medic...They say it's not very promising to be a 3D Animator, because, who does that here in Malaysia?And as a Vet, it's better to help human first, then animals...haha...So I thought to myself, eventhough I know I'm hesitating to take that course, I want to give it a try...For my parents, and of course for Allah swt...

Rather than doing what I love or enjoy to do, I chose the path ; making my beloved parents happy as they watch me succeeding...Besides that, I heard a doctor have an income about 2000 pounds in UK (That's about RM12,000!)Tu baru mula bekerja! Hohoho~Okay...Now I sound like I'm doing this for money....XD

I know the risk, maybe I will regret it in the future but you'll never know unless you try...

"Belum tentu perkara yang engkau suka adalah baik untuk kamu (padahal Allah tidak suka) dan belum tentu perkara yang engkau tak suka, adalah tidak baik untuk kamu (padahal Allah suka)"

Aja-Aja Fighting!


  1. a 3d animator. wow. for that maybe u cud do it part time. just as a hobby. as soon as im able to build my own pixar, then you can hop in. hehehe.

  2. hm... part-time? ada ke?
    maybe, kalau ade, i can take a few classes...
    thx for the invite, bro.. InsyaAllah...

  3. wowwww. so? what's the decision?
    medical course?

    mmm betol gakk 3d animator tuuu utk kerja sampingan je laaa.
    buat lps amek medik
    jap, amek medik da bape tahun
    pastuuu nak kawen agiii *HAHAHAH
    mmg pack kot masaaa

  4. yup2...InsyaAllah, amik medic...alya lak?
    kalau medic, paling minimum pon 5 thn!
    tu pon blom lg kursus sblm fly~
    HAHA! kawen? lepak lu beb!
    pas habis blaja, ingat nk keje 3 thn dulu...
    blom terasa nk berantai lagi, haha!