Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Future Plans

Just now, I daydream about my future plans...
Yes, I know, actions speaks louder than dreams, haha....

So, anyway, I've finally decided what I'm gonna do...
I decided to FULLY stop touching this laptop of mine....
As in, I'm gonna put it away until SPM...

Okay, I know, I probably said this million times but hey~At least I tried, right? Haha!

What's more news, I failed 2 of my papers, dare I not say what it is but at least I'm not alone, muahaha!

This evening, after my tuition, my mom bought me 8 books of Exercise Books!

It's not that I'm not grateful, but mom, I already have a few and I thought it was more than enough....
Apparently, not...Haha!

Well, okay, I'll say it, I failed Chemistry and I'm PROUD! Haha! NOT~

FYI, 5 out of 8 of the books is on Chemistry, haha~ Big yay~

So, I just want to thank my mom, I guess failing is not a small thing to her, hehe...
but for me, it's not a big thing coz 80% of my class did failed, I think...
Thank you ,mom....I'll work hard from now on! Aja-Aja Fighting!


  1. kaksu that is great!

    i mean not as in failing is great. i mean your determination of putting away the lappy until SPM. that is just great. (plus, i get to borrow it since mine has already gone crashing heheh).

    ok i thought u only failed chemistry.

    but you know what. Its good that you get to fail now. Cos definitely you dont want to fail it masa SPM nanti kan? hehe. mistakes are a very good thing. it makes people grow.

    so ganbatte! or shud it be chaiyok2?

  2. ehem~~
    excuse me...
    i got lulus for chemistry !!
    for de first time...shhwit..

  3. thx, angah!
    about the laptop,
    i'll let u 'borrow' it starting monday...huhu

    congrats, cera...XD