Friday, May 22, 2009

My Addiction


Yes, that is my addiction....I don't know why everytime I hear or see korean stuffs such as a korean songs, posters or korean writing written somewhere, I got really excited!
I just wish I love Arabic as much as I love Korean too.....T.T
Okay, it's not that I don't like Arab but not as much interest as I had in Korean.....What should I do?
I'm taking Bahasa Arab Tinggi as one of my SPM subject and I barely study them as much as I 'study' Korean!
Do you know how to get interest in something? I mean, it's something you like but you want to even more like it so you can learn it.....
I really want to understand Arabic,really...
I know maybe you guys think that I'm just learning Arabic because I wanna pass the exam.....
But no.....You see, I got the spirit to study Arabic but it's just spirit but less interest....
I know Bahasa Arab is the most beautiful language in the world especially for Muslims because it is the language of Al-Quran.....
But it's because it's so HARD!

Please, if you have any suggestions, let me know, okay?


  1. arabic la kaksu. bukan arabian. arabian tu orang arab. buat apa nak suka org arab. heheh.

  2. oh really? english is kinda bad....
    i'll fix it....

  3. korea's stuffs seriously not cool as you thought it'd be ^^
    arab 열심히 해~~!! 포기하지마~! ^v^~