Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Grateful List


I wanna take a step back remembering all the things I once had, have and will have and I believe every little piece of it is something I truly appreciate and grateful for, of course, thanks to our beloved Allah The Almighty...

My Grateful List

Ya Allah, Thank you for :

1. Giving me the air to breathe in
2. Opening my eyes everytime I wake up
3. Giving me a complete, untradeable and perfect body
4. Letting me have the most loving, pious and responsible parents
5. Always protecting and guiding me throughout my journey
6. Giving me a lovable twins sister as my bestfriend
7. Giving me a few brothers to lit up my world
8. Providing me unlimited sustenance
9. Giving me the opportunity to rise everytime I fall
10. Giving me a proper education while many people couldn't afford it
11. Providing me 3 meals a day while many people are suffering from starvation
12. Giving me great and wonderful friends
13. This healthy body while many people are suffering from obesity
14. Creating brilliant minds that created awesome technologies
15. Korean Dramas
16. My laptop
17. Helping me solve problems
18. Always reminding me how lucky I am
19. Creating me as a girl
20. Giving me a chance to live in this world


Thank You, Allah, For EVERYTHING!

Aja-Aja Fighting!


  1. Ya Allah, thank you for Korean Drama? I know you're being grateful but that sure sounds funny haha anyway nice, i wish i was more grateful -__-

  2. Haha, you can never be too grateful right?
    you don't need to wish for it...
    it's absolutely free=)

  3. hanya seungkap 'terima kasih' pun susah utk diungkap... oleh itu, ucaplah 'Alhamdulillah kerana ianya lebih baik.. X)