Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's rare for me,
To feel frustrated,
Knowing it's complicated,
That's how I feel today,
That's how I feel right now,
About what happened lately,
I can't think about it somehow,
Looking up at the sky,
My mind is wandering,
Feeling the breeze,
I feel more ease,

When you feel pressured,
It's called frustration,
All they want is satisfaction,
What they see is misconception,
But all I need is motivation,
My ambition as my mission,
There is no way to find out my inclination,

This feeling is killing,
This emotion is destruction,
This sentiment is not a compliment,
How do you get rid of this so-called frustration?

One word...
One way...
All you need to say...

Astaghfirullahal a'zim...

Tadaa~my very own creation...
Agak poyo la jugak,haha...
I was just inspired by someone whose hobby is writing poems...
She's a very bright student...^^
and also by my brother....which one?